Eagle Rank Requirements

This webpage describes the path to the Eagle rank and all the requirements that need to be meet to attain that rank. All requirements except the Court of Honor must be completed prior to the scout's 18th birthday.

Please refer to the Mecklenburg County Council Eagle web page for details regarding the Eagle Project requirements and the Application. The project workbook can also be found there. It is important that the workbook be used to plan the project. It has all the approval forms and information necessary to complete the project. Pay special attention to the Etowah district specific approval instructions.

Allow ample time for the project approval process and the Eagle application. Each may generate issues that will need to be revisited, i.e. project proposal is not accepted as is and needs modification or a merit badge on the Eagle application comes into question and may need to be addressed. 

The council advises that a project proposal be turned in at least 6 months before the scout's 18th birthday!