Renewal Instructions

In 2024, the renewal process for scouts has changed. Once a scout or leader registers, this will become their anniversary date. The membership renewals are due every year on the anniversary date. The national organization will no longer prorate fees and membership will be valid for one year.

Once an anniversary date nears, you will start receiving reminder emails from the BSA to renew. Troop 490 has decided to participate in Family Renewal where each family is responsible for renewing their scout(s) instead of the troop collecting money and submitting it. In addition to the renewal, the troop will collect an activity fee from all scouts at the beginning of the school year. This fee is used to cover expenses such as awards, food at select events, and miscellaneous operating expenses. The fee is currently $50 and is subject to change based on projected expenses.

Renewal Process Overview (Detailed Steps Below)

Logging In / Creating an account

Follow the instructions listed at How to make a Account for you or a Scout . If you are not sure whether you have an account, go ahead and start the creation process. It will try to look you up based on the name, DOB, and zip. You will be given the option of recovering your information if it finds you.

Membership Renewal

After you are logged in, you will have a several buttons on the top of the page. You want to click on the My Application button.

Once on the My Applications page, click on My Renewals to review the status of the scouts that you are responsible for.

A list of your scouts will show with their application status. If you are renewing, simply press the Start Renewal button. If you are not returning, select the OPT OUT AUTO RENEWAL

Once you have filled out the renewal fields, press the Complete Payment button and you are done.

That is all there is to it. If you have any questions, please send an email to with your name, the scout's name and the issue that you are having.

Thank you for being part of Troop 490